MIS in motion

"A quest for complicity between music and movement, the search for a method and a common language between the two disciplines"

Premiere at Festival GREC 2015 and at Sismògraf 2015
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"The aim of this research project is to create a common language between dance and music that enables the development of a shared improvisation while generating new proposals. So, to create a common method where artists, musicians and dancers interact artistically under the same guidelines."

MIS: les aMIStats perilloses (Dangerous firendships)

A risky game between music and different artistic expressions.

Following its line of experimentation and research in the field of conducted improvisation, MIS takes the risk of researching and proposing collaborations with different artists from other disciplines of the current scene.

The proposal is about the pleasure of art in itself. From the investigation of emotion and the aesthetic experience surpassing all possible conventions and assuming conflict and risk as the starting point of this research.

MIS i les aMIStats perilloses

MIS with Maria Muñoz and Federica Porello

MIS with Pere Faura

MIS In the art centers and urban spaces

Experience based on a series of musical performances in the art centers and urban spaces, beyond the limits of what is usually a concert. Through conducted improvisation and life composing, MIS interacts with the space and the audience, giving rise to a particular symbiosis between painting, sculpture, architecture and music, where the audience is also protagonist. A guided tour through an unexpected and singular sound landscape.

MIS interdisciplinary workshop

Workshop addressed to musicians, dancers and visual artists to encourage artistic creativity.

The workshop uses MIS system work based on conducted improvisation as a method of investigation and transformation of diferent processes of artistic creation.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide tools and strategies to promote individual and collective research, enriching the proposals of each artist or collective with new expressive elements.

This activity aims to encourage creative freedom, the ability to immediate interaction, the creation of their own codes and communication between music and movement.

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La Balada del 84

Improvisation conducted based on some text of George Orwell’s novel, 1984.

Registered by Discordian Records.

"1984 is the most famous anti-utopia or dystopia of all that was written during the first half of the twentieth century. In it, George Orwell presents a future where a totalitarian dictatorship interfere so much in the private life of citizens it is impossible to escape its control.

The validity of this work is the starting point for developing a concept beyond music: Transport novel a little "musical society" in which, through this, to recreate the work references somehow, affect our community. We want to capture through this musical as our daily activities, social and global is subject to a specific behavior: The reaction of control, oppression, rebellion, conformity, flight, reflection.(...)"

MIS workshop

This workshop is addressed to musicians, dancers and visual artists to enhance their artistic creativity. The workshop uses the MIS working system based on conducted improvisation as a transforming method.

The aim is to provide tools and strategies to promote individual and collective research, enriching the proposals with new expressive material.

This activity wants to inspire creative freedom and the ability to interact instantly with other artists.