MIS · Avant-garde musical band

MIS - Moviment d’Insurrecció Sonora (Wound Insurrection Movement) is an heterogeneous musical collective lead by Mireia Tejero and David Garcia Aparicio.Their proposal is based on the creation of their own language where improvisation and radicality are the keystone of their work.

Influenced by musicians as John Zorn, John Cage, Walter Thomson, Roscoe Mitchell and Frank Zappa, MIS takes out different collective improvisation techniques such as signs, gestures and slogans, but especially the spirit of freedom, playfulness and the pursuit of a genuine musical expression.

Within the group, the figure of the director loses its predominant role for the benefit of the collective creativity and spontaneity. Everyone can conduct every body, including the audience. Everything that happens on the stage comes from the immediate communication and interaction between the members of the band and their free expression, with the only purpose of making, from every performance, an act of creative freedom and a unique event.

MIS collaborates in their shows with different artists from various disciplines. The goal of these partnerships is to enrich the proposal with new expressive features and new starting points, for the development of spontaneous improvisations and the search for new soundscapes.

This ability of improvisation and adaptation in time and space where everything is happening, allows MIS to transform the atmosphere and to accompany any proposals, artistic demonstrations or events.


Interdisciplinary experiences

The remarkable feature of MIS is its ability to interact with the different spaces, projects and artistic disciplines: workshops to share its working methode, music composing for other projects, colaborations with artists from other fields, musical performances in different venues as museums, art galleries, urban spaces, etc.

MIS only_music
It is a concert focused on creating music without the intervention of other

MIS literary_adaptations
Music interacts with literary narration and poetry so text suggests

MIS performing_arts
Performing arts and music share the same creative language

MIS visual_arts
The incorporation of visual arts generates a magnetisme that resized musical performance.

MIS interdisciplinary_workshop
Workshop about conducted improvisation: a transformative tool to enhance the creative freedom and the ability to interact immediately.



David G. Aparicio, conductor; Mireia Tejero, sax; Mercè Ros, drums; Lluís Vallès, sax; Montse Massaguer, piano; Adele Madau, electric violin; Júlia Pérez, cello, Maribel Rivero y Xavi Castillo, double bass


Andrea Rodo, guitar;Mila von Chobiak,voice; Anna Subirana i Mariona Sagarra, voice;